Event Planner.
Friendly, sunny and the perfect "lady of the house". No more then 3 years ago she was totally involved in her carrier. She covered positions as Hotel Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing for some of the best international hotel brands. Now she is mother of three fantastic and crazy kids! Hospitality is her passion and Pastiamo is the perfect expression of the Italian Dolce Vita she wants to tell to all of her new friends.​


Food and Wine Enthusiasts.
Export manager, philosopher and design addicted. His passion and work is to travel around Europe meeting international business men. He loves details, quality food and good wines. Is a true example of happiness and conviviality when is sitting around the table. Call him at 19 pm... probably he will invite to join an Italian aperitif!


The Chef.
Dino was born in 1971 in Vicenza. He used to work in very famous restaurants in London like Eddalino Restaurant, Bice Restaurant and The Conservatory Restaurant at Lanesborough Hotel, but his favorite place still be in Negril, Giamaica, where he had his own restaurant: the well known Dino's Restaurant. The menu he proposed was just the right combination between Caribbean and Italian Kitchen traditions; to test his special lobster and his cakes, people used to came from all the village nearby. Dino is an unusual Chef: he love stay with people, chat with them and share experience. He is a very peaceful person, creative but in the same way methodic. In his high quality dishes the fresh ingredients take place naturally in a fantastic mix of flavors and fragrances. Life for Dino is simple like home made pasta: only good water, high quality flour and a lot of love.


The Chef.
Born in Vicenza in 1980, Mauro attended the renowned hotel school of Recoaro Terme. He embarked on his career as a chef by immediately joining the staffs of famous "starred" restaurants; first of all, in the Veneto region of Italy, Ca 'Masieri (Trissino, VI) and Il Principe (Arzignano, VI). His travels to other parts of Italy led him to Milan to work with an international chef, to Trieste to understand Friuli traditions and Balkans fusion, and to Sicily, where he often learned about preparing seafood directly from fishermen. Not yet satisfied, he travelled to France for a visit with Alain Ducasse and his "nouvelle cuisine", then to Spain, in the San Sebastian area, to experience the molecular and deformed cuisine of Ferran Adrià. All these experiences have enabled Mauro to conquer his own "cooking style" that he simply defines as "Natural Cooking": healthy eating and cooking with natural products and without the addition of salts... I am what I eat and drink


The Chef.
Michele was born in Mantua in 1993 and decided, when he was 8 years old, that he would become a Chef. He definitely loves his job! Despite his young age, Michele boasts an international background that started in Luxembourg, where he worked for a Michelin-starred restaurant: a great opportunity where he earned a promotion to second chef in only three years. After this he decided to get back in the game for an American Cruise line, Oceania, where he succeeded in demonstrating his worth and his passion, soon becoming the Chef of the a la carte Italian restaurant on board. After 5 years of travelling, he is now back in his homeland of Italy, working as Chef of San Marco restaurant in Borghetto. He loves to say that what makes a difference when you prepare a dish is how much love, attention and creativity you put into it. When you prepare a dish, it doesn't matter who it is for. It is just like a good cup of coffee: a chance to spend some quality time with somebody you like.


David, a passionate sommelier with unexpected features: simple and autochthonous just like grapes! Tied to our territory but curious about everything that is not part of it; he is always looking for a wine that can compare his beloved "Amarone" and for this reason he knows all the flavors and aromas of the most renowned Italian wines. We have no doubts: He will certainly involve you in a truly and enjoyable tasting!


Event coordinator.
Roberta, a sweet artistic mind, sporty, determined, always moving, kind and reliable ... helps everyone feel immediately confortable. It is impossible for her to stand still, she must always be busy and find in everything a reason more than good to smile.


The Chef.
Alex is a Chef who has created his professionalism by combining three passions: cooking, people, teaching. Born in Spain but resident in Valeggio from many years, he is an expert in Mediterranean cuisine. He loves to chat with people and his dishes can convey new and surprising sensations. Do you want to know a secret? Before becoming a chef, his job was "training dolphins" ...