Easy recipes, excellent wine and simple choices, unique moments that define the essence of
an Italian lifestyle through the kitchen.

  • • The courses will be held a few minutes from Lake Garda, near Peschiera del Garda, at three main venues.

  • • All the dishes will be created by yourselves and the chef: this will be a hands-on experience!

  • • The fresh ingredients will be selected by the chef on the morning of the event.

  • • They will be chosen from among the best available ingredients, with particular attention paid to organic and local products.

  • • During the event, you will be able to sample wines of particular and unusual bouquets.

  • • The lesson will be held in both English and Italian.

  • • Each lesson will start at 11:30 or 18:30 The event will last three hours (or may be prolonged to four!)

  • • An apron and certificate of attendance signed by the chef will be issued.

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Our goal is to have you explore the territory through our values: hospitality, tradition, authenticity,
culture, trust, respect Naturally, good food and wine are always present! Reserve a place and experience all of this with us!

  • • Cycle routes with coooking class

  • • Visit of the Sigurtà Park by bike + tortellini

  • • Guided tasting in exclusive locations

  • • Alternative routes between history, art and food

  • • Market + Cooking Class

  • • Tailored experience

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The event will take place in a stylish kitchen close to the famous 
Parco Giardino Sicurtà. The location is cosy and lovely decorated,
you will feel like a guest in a friend's house.

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The event will take place 
in a special stylish cellar owned by the most famous wine producer of the area. You will have the opportunity to walk through the ancient barrels and enjoy the secrets of the world of wine.

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The event will take place in an enchanted and peaceful garden that faces the River Mincio directly with ducks and geeses freely around you. A unique and timeless place...

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