Our Philosophy

Pastiamo was born out of three passions:

  • - Hospitality
  • - A sense of aesthetic
  • - Italian cuisine

Out of these three concepts we have slowly built a professional activity dedicated to all those who live with passion and who know that only real experiences, those lived on their own skin, can make you fully happy and satisfied.

We started from cooking classes because, for us, it is in the kitchen that we all express ourselves to the fullest, whether we are eating, cooking, drinking, or chatting. No matter what sort of person you are, making pasta, talking, tasting and drinking are the best ways to reach moments of happiness.

From here, then, moved by the love for our territory, we have decided to browse the many activities offered around our hills and the Lake Garda: other paths, adventures, skills, storytelling ... we have found so many treasures that we are proud to offer you and that will make your stay unforgettable!